Core Values

Disciple-making: We believe that teaching and modeling God’s words and ways must have priority over all other functions within the church (Mat 28:18-20 and Eph 4:11-16). We believe that living the gospel of God’s Kingdom wherever we are as we work and play is critical to obediently making disciples (1Th 1:2-10 and 2:10-16, and 1Co 10:23-11:1).


Sense of Community: We believe in the importance of community and its relationship-building and needs-filling nature (Rom 12:9-21), and that the relationships are critical in building the trust necessary for spreading the gospel and making disciples.


The Importance of Image-bearers, Lost and Found: We believe that people are more important than programs. Therefore, reaching the un-churched in ways meaningful to them (1Co 9:19-23) and caring for those in the Body (Mat 25:31-46) become our priorities above form and formula.


Spiritual Disciplines: We believe in and practice the spiritual disciplines of giving (Mat 6:1-4), prayer (Mat 6:5-15), Fasting (Mat 6:16-18), Bible study (2Ti 3:10-17), and accountability.


Equipping the Saints: We believe in equipping the congregation for ministry – not programmatically, but for disciple-making through relationship-building, teaching, and coaching (Eph 4:11-16).