Ron Braley

I am the pastor of Northview Christian Church, a father of four, grandfather to three, and husband of one wife. Nothing is more important to me than knowing that I am right with my maker – with my Creator, who wants you and me back.

What I Believe

I believe in the one true God (Elohim) that comprises our heavenly Father and Creator, the Son we call Jesus (Jeshuah was His Hebrew name while on earth!), and the Spirit who equips me to please the Father. They work together to reconcile the Father’s creation and return it to perfection – the way it was in the beginning of time.

You’ll learn much more about me and what I believe by reading my writings ( and blogs ( You can also learn more about my disciple-making work through Finding Discipleship at

Some of My Hobbies

When I’m not studying for school or writing lessons, you’ll find me playing the guitar or the lute (renaissance and baroque). I also like to walk and fish!