Why Being Part of a Small Group is Good for You

The apostle Paul reminds us that we are to participate in the equipping of the church’s members – those who belong to Christ and are individual parts of the whole, of the Body.

Additionally, we must continue to learn and fellowship as the writer to the Hebrew believers states (we assume it’s Paul!). Once we commit to God through the Son, Jeshuah, we never look back and always run forward – ‘run the race,’ according to Paul.

Well, being part of a small group allows us to exercise the gifts, skills, and talents given us by God the Father by the Spirit. We can contribute individually to the greater good, to the ‘whole,’ as part of a small group. Give what has been given to you! Will you contribute? Will you be obedient? Will you enjoy fellowship as you receive what you need? Come!

Our Teacher, Ron:

Ron facilitates a Small Group on Friday nights. Currently, it’s located at 3005 Crystal Circle in Taylor, but will likely move to the church’s fellowship hall shortly at 2900 N. Maint St. in Taylor.

The small group is currently in a disciple-making master class, and will be for the next several months. However, the group – the Christian community – determines the direction; Ron facilitates. So far, it has explored world religions, the End of the World (by the materials published by Ron in 2011), spirituality, and disciple-making.

The Friday small group is a wonderful community of like-minded, God-fearing Christ-followers bent on fun, fellowship, obedience, and love. Will you join us?


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